Why Parina?

At Parina Heating and Air, we strive to provide a new level of heating and air conditioning service. We go beyond selling you just a 'box' that heats or cools air. 

It all starts with design. Proper equipment sizing is critical to the efficiency and longevity of the equipment and provides the most comfort. 

The furnace and ac are only as efficient as the duct work it's installed on. Through testing we are able to pinpoint deficiencies in your current duct work or equipment and make sure it's adequate for the new equipment. Do you also have problems with rooms that heat and cool unevenly? Upstairs too warm during air conditioning season? We can provide solutions to remedy the problems and if repairs are made then we test again to make sure they work! 

Proper installation and commissioning is the last step. It goes hand and hand with design. Making sure you have proper air flow across the equipment, doing a combustion analysis, and following manufactures start up procedures, makes for a safe and efficient system. 


Continuing education is one of the keys to success. We strive to keep up with all the current trends and information. 

We also put that education to use by obtaining certifications. Did you know that in NYS (except NYC), there is no licensing requirement for HVAC work? There are also no mandatory certifications. This creates a very uneven playing field. How do you know who you hire has extensive knowledge of heating, air conditioning, and design?

There are a few certifying body's in the HVAC field. One being NATE (North American Technician Excellence). They have several certification tests over several subjects that test a technicians knowledge. 

We hold the following NATE certifications in service and installation: air conditioning; heat pumps; gas furnaces; gas hydronics; oil heating; oil hydronics; air distribution; and light commercial refrigeration. 

We also hold the highest level NATE certification which is the Senior technician: Energy efficiency analyst. Currently there are roughly less than 100 people in the whole US that hold this certification.

RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society) is another organization we belong too. They promote continuing education and certifications. We are a Certificate Member (CM) of the organization. Having your CM designation means you have passes a extensive, high level test. The CM examination tests 18 categories of knowledge required in the installation and servicing of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Other certifications we have obtained are residential air balancing, and residential system preformance.